Remora interview


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You Killed King Kong

lo-fi soft-noise songs made of static guitar chords and vocals

How long has Remora been in existence and how many releases are you up to now?
"Remora's been around officially for two years. Right now there are five Remora releases. There's also a compilation of Remora songs put out by Public Demand Cassettes called "Eneeded", that has tracks from the first three releases and unreleased pieces from that period. "Anaaron" was released in Finland as "Her Divnity is a Lie" on JM Tapes."

The "Anadia" taoe seem to be generally well recieved. Has it gained any serious label interest?
"People say they like "Anadia", even people from a couple of labels actually, but no one has offered to finance it or a next release. I think there's a problem that people aren't sure if it's marketable... or maybe they're sure it's not. Also, I'm not terribly interested in someone who isn't already semi-established releasing it. I think a realistic goal would be a label that says they can sell 1500 copies in a year. I don't know."

How long have you been playing guitar?
"I've owned a guitar for about ten years now. It sat in my closet until about five years ago. But the way I play and practice keeps me at about a three month skill level."

Describe your Vlor project.
"Vlor is Russell Halasz and myself. We've been doing stuff together on and off for about seven years. We used to do some alternative music with snotty witty lyrics, luckily we managed to abandon that. Now it's just two guitars chugging away. People compare us to Flying Saucer Attack, or I think old Guided By Voices without drums and vocals. I guess maybe it's like punks trying to cover hippie songs, so it ends up poppy."

And Small Life Form?
"Small Life Form is organic ambient music. I make it on a computer. I take a sound and reverse it and add echo and slow it down until it sounds right. I guess it's similar to what Michael Gira is doing with The Body Lovers except it doesn't have horns or drums."

What about burMonter?
"burMonter is a band I'm in, but it isn't my project. I'm in the band playing guitar and keyboards live, but I don't write the material. They're probably the only band I like where I live who would let me in. They're a bliss pop band. I'm pretty sure their favorite bands to be compared to are the Cranes and Lush."

Please tell us about QRD.
"QRD is my zine. This fall I'll have started it five years ago. It's music and interview based. In the United States zines aren't really around much anymore because no one buys them, but I keep doing it because I think it helps people find out about cool stuff. Also it gives me something to do with my spare time and money."

What bands do you enjoy?
"I always have trouble answering this and forget some people. I guess some favorites are Swans, Lycia, Iggy Pop, Joy Division, Low, PJ Harvey, Trance to the Sun, Cranes, Origami Replika, Ring, Rolling Stones, Guided By Voices, and I'm sure I'm leaving stuff out."

Favorite sport/serial killer/porn star?
"My favorite sport is American football. My favorite serial killer is either Dennis Nielsen or Ed Gein. I don't have a favorite porn star. Betty Page I guess..."

What can we expect from Brian John Mitchell in the future?
"I've started to do a lot of collaborations lately and I think it makes my material more interesting, so maybe I'll start having guest musicians. I don't know realy. I feel I'm at a turning point and I've got to be careful or things go in a circle instead of a new direction."