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You Killed King Kong

A-Z! the norwegian music scene uncovered!

ABERDEAN - new band from Moss with stunning vocals and a dynamic sound. Will play Rockefeller 16 November as part of the annual NM in Rock.

AI PHOENIX - slow music with references to Mazzy Star and This Mortal Coil. Now recording their next album due January 2002.

ALOG - duo from Tromsoe mixing postrock, jazz, techno and minimalism.

APOTYGMA BERZERK - a delirious combination of modern trance and EBM. New album will be out on the 18th of February 2002.


BILLION DOLLAR MISSION - a blend between rock and hardcore. Somewhat similar to Foo Fighters and Fugazi.

BRONCO BUSTERS - noisy and cathy poppunk-girlband from Oslo influenced by bands like Ramones and Shonen Knife.

CATO SALSA EXPERIENCE - raw and intense pre-punk like it was meant to be!

CIRCULAR - toned down chill out music (but at the same time experimental) made by two artists living in Bergen. Contains references to Biosphere, Aphex Twin and Autechre.

DARLING DAIZY - punkrock band signed to Bratville Records.

EMPEROR - legendary black metal. Three albums out.

ENSLAVED - raw viking-metal! New album out 19.11.01 (my birthday!! make sure to send me a birthday present..)

FUZZFISH - alternative-indie-rock band from Bergen.

GLUECIFER - kings of rock!


ICON OF COIL - hard and extremely club-friendly electro/ebm.

JAGA JAZZIST - one of the most popular bands who mix jazz and modern music here in Norway.

KINGS OF CONVENIENCE - two voices and guitars. Think Simon & Garfunkel. You'll be close.

LOBOTOMIZED TEENAGERS - Ramones-inspired punkrock/hardcore from Aalesund.

LASSE MARHAUG - beautiful headfuck of noise and crazy electronics. Still one head above other noise artists.

MICROMARS - cheesy alternative pop (whatever).

MOTION CONTROL - sexy melodies over erotic, funky beats with inspiration from Detroit techno, 70s disco and some European minimalism.

PALACE OF PLEASURE - dub, ambient, electronica and more!! Pretty cool if you ask me.

REMINGTON SUPER 60 - a little minimalistic pop group from Fredrikstad. Songs with acoustic guitars surrounded by cheap space sounds.

RING - experimental folk/country/pop, a bit "out-there".

SATYRICON - extreme metal.

SENTINEL - metal band inspired by Moonspell, Paradise Lost and Metallica. No record deal yet. 3 demos out.

ST. THOMAS - Norway's own Neil Young/Will Oldham. Now signed to Drag City!

STUNTBIKE - laidback, melodic indie-pop (rock?). Often compared to bands like Slint and Codeine.

THULSA DOOM - super-badass no-bullshit Stoner Rock!!

TIDFALL - extreme metal. Now signed to Nuclear Blast!!

TURBONEGRO - deathpunk superstars. Now sadly defunct.

XPLODING PLASTIX - drum'n'bass flavoured jazz-funk.

ZEENON - kickass female experimental, industrial metal!!

ZYKLON - extreme metal, very anti-religious and apocalyptic.