Visionaire interview


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Visionaire interview

Visionaire is the solo project of James Allin, mixing Ambient, Gothic and Doom. Read now what he says...


#1. How long have you been doing music?

"I've been writing and recording music for about 8 years now. I've done three projects so far, two on CD and my first on cassette, along with numerous other songs that I haven't published."

#2. Are you happy with the way "Within The Arcanum Hall" came out? You've seemed to mellowed a bit, was this intentional?

"I'm actually very happy with the way "Within The Arcanum Hall" turned out. It is more mellow than my previous CD but it reflects a different side of me that I wanted to expose. At first I was going to make it similar to my first CD "Mystical Dominion" but I didn't care to repeat myself once again. Besiders, it wouldn't have reflected my mood at that point in time anyway. When I write music I must be true to my feelings and emotions for that particular time period in order to produce an "honest" musical experience."

#3. How about influences, goals, etc?
"Some big influences have been Punk Floyd, Mark Dwane (Instrumental space music), and David Helpling. I also listen to many other styles as long as they don't contain country or rap. Most of the music I feast on is very deep and moody."

#4. Have you ever considered playing with a "full" band?

"I have played with some band members in the past but I didn't want to share the writing duties with anyone else. When I write music it becomes personal to me and this makes it very hard for someone else to share the exact same vision as myself."

#5. When you were younger what were some bands you were really into? The Sex Pistols, Kizz, or what?

"Actually, when I was younger I didn't listen to any music hardly. I bought my first tape when I was 16! A late bloomer to say the least. When I did start listening to music I listened to a lot of death metal and some classical music."

#6. What are you currently listening to?

"Currently I am still listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, Samael, those other two instrumental acts that I named earlier, some Classical and even Enya."

#7. Favorite sport/all-time hero/own song?

"My favorite sport is soccer. Or what you would call football in Europe. All time hero would be David Gilmour (Pink Floyd frontman) for his incredible guitar playing and writing talents. My favorite song that I wrote might be "While They Sleep" and next would be "Entwined Beneath The Portal Star", just because they have a certain quality which touches me in a unique way."

#8. What's in the making?

"I won't make any predictions now for a release date on the new CD but I will say that it will be somewhat similar to my current release. Expect some changes of course, but it won't be a radical departure like before. I'm excited about the new songs actually!"

#9. That's it James. Anything more?

"All that I would like to add is a big thanks to you and everyone and anyone who enjoys my music. I have enjoyed your publications and creativity Knut. If anyone wishes to contact me, my e-mail is and they can order my CD through me or hopefully from as well."