Tarentel interview


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You Killed King Kong

Breathtaking instrumental compositions streching up to 20 minutes and always captivating their audience.

Tarantel started aroung the time Jeff Cantu and I (Danny Grody) met in late 1996. We were both interested in similar ideas and started an appreciation for much of the same music, so it was a sort of natural progression for us to begin playing together.
Ironically, one of the first to be included in the band was Trevor Montgomery, but his stay was brief at first because of another musical project that eventually consumed all his time. He came back with us to play a tour in 1999 in support of our CD/LP "From Bone to Satellite". Following his initial depature Jeff and I had the forune of meeting John Hughes (drums) who carried the sensibilities we were hoping to find. Shortly after, John introduced us to Kenseth Thibideau who had just moved to the city from college and was looking to be a part of something that matched what it was we were going towards at the time. Then came Patricia Kavanah and Tarentel came to be. As a five piece we recorded a couple pieces that became our first release to date in 1998 on the Temporary Residence label. Following the release of the CDEP Patricia decided to move on from the band to pursue other endeavors.
Within the year of 1998 we accumulated enough material to create our first debut full-lenght titled "From Bone to Satellite" and released again on the Temporary Residence label. After it's release we put together a month tour across the states to support the record. The experience was wonderful, our relationship was stronger than ever, but when we arrived back to San Francisco we found out Kenseth no longer wanted to play with us. Instead, he chose to focus his energies with label mates Rumah Sakit, also local to San Francisco. His absence was a bit jarring at first but we re-adjusted and with Trevor back with us we held on and pushed forward.
Last Friday we played at a church in San Francisco called the Noe Valley Ministry. This show was set up to be more of a quiet show. We came up with a piece of music specifically written for the it, it came off well, our friend Christine played violin, we incorporated bowed bass, and accordion as well. The church was filled with people sitting and enjoying themselves. We were accomponied on this bill by Tribes of Neurot (Neurosis). When all was said and done, a very nice, spatial, explorative, and inspiring evening.
I think I can speak for all of us, in saying that we all love living in San Francisco. S.F. is a very diverse city, and you kind of find what you like here. I personally love walking around with my headphones on passing thousands of faces I'll probably never know, amongst the giant buildings, or old neighborhoods. The energy is great. It's a friendly city, and we are a friendly band.