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You Killed King Kong

telephone terrorist?

Telephone terrorist - what are your feelings about this? Do you consider your art as an evolving art form?
"I think that it can only be a healthy situation if the reception to the Scanner work is so positive. Perhaps it will open up ears to all the other valuable material still hidden away in independent record stores the world over and let out such important works as that of Jim O'Rourke, Main, To Rocoto Rot and so on. I have always been interested in electronic and experimental music and having been recording for all these years I feel the sound I produce is an evolving art form, it is still alive and vital and provides a certain role for me."

Who has influenced your work?
"I discovered the Avant Garde at age 11 when my music teacher played me John Cage and have been a huge admirer of him ever since. I was never a big pop music fan, I moved through industrial sound where I listened to Test Dept., Neubauten, Swans, Coil and so on and also minimalist composers such as Meredith Monk, Glass and experimental music like This Heat, Jim O'Rourke, Glenn Branca and then suddenly was shaken by bands like Front 242 and Meat Beat Manifesto and moved through that into more techno/beat material, abstract ambient sound and so on. I still listen to a whole wide range of sounds, from the hardest drum and bass and techno to experimental stuff. That's why I create music in different styles too."

What exactly is the Electric Lounge? And why is it cool?
"The club began in 1994 and has continued since then on a regular basis. Originally set up as an alternative to standard club culture, music at a reasonable level so you can still talk to others, no strict music policy. As Bruce Gilbert the UK DJ/musician said, "it's a kind of digital pub". The audience is a very broad range of people, certainly not the regular young, trendy club crowds. In the last 18 months we have had guests ranging from Seefeel, Spring Heel Jack (UK jungle artists), Mixmaster Morris, DJ Elin, Aural Expansions (Finland) for their first ever live performance, Main, Dr Rockitt and lots more!! There is no adverisement for the club, it seems to simply spreads by word of moouth."

Have you heard much Norwegian music? What do you think?
"One of my very best friends is Norwegian and keeps me in touch with the Stavanger scene! I like artists like Biosphere and the whole group of experimental minimalist lo-fi. Though it is very difficult to keep up to date with new movements there. The only time I have been to Norway was to play alongside the Prodigy in Oslo last year!"